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What's New in 2023?

December 31, 2022

Well, first of all, this blog, which is just part of a refresh for Qwitix in 2023. Here's the other improvements:

First, the updated website simplifies the brand presentation, which in turn makes room for more product offerings. Previously, space on the home page was allocated to event discovery and promotion, but most people were purchasing tickets directly from event pages (which were distributed via social media). Now, that space is reduced and reallocated to links to Qwitix's own social media accounts, which will be sharing more content moving forward. In addition to the blog, an FAQ section will accumulate the answers, tips, and tricks to navigating the most common situations for event ticketers using Qwitix.

Secondly, the self-serve product has been launched! Qwitix SELF is for events that don't require online ticket sales. Event organizers can upload a custom design (or use the default setup) and receive a PDF with unique, scannable tickets that can be cut out and sold in person. Qwitix SELF users will enjoy an editable guestlist page for tracking sales and checking in guests. Qwitix SELF is ideal for events like high school dances, where the event doesn't need to be promoted digitally and most of the attendees are reachable in person. Because each ticket contains a unique, verifiable identifier, Qwitix SELF will also work well for small business owners who want to offer physical coupons to their patrons without risking counterfeit copies.

Finally, hosted events that do sell tickets online will now use Stripe Connect for payouts. Event organizers will need to create a Stripe connected account to securely share their payout details. Unfortunately, this means that payouts via mailed paper checks will no longer be offered for new organizers, but payouts will be even faster via Stripe and the tax reporting process will be much smoother thanks to Stripe's expertise and tools. Stripe's support for 1099-K's was a primary driver for this integration, as most event organizers on Qwitix will exceed the $600 threshold now in place by the IRS.

Over the past couple years, Qwitix has delivered thousands of tickets and faciliated tens of thousands of dollars of gross ticket sales. As always, these changes aim to better support live, local events by assisting creators. If you have suggestsions for further improvement, please reach out through the site or any of Qwitix's social channels!